At the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, the 193 member states, represented by their heads of state and government, adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the first globally applicable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SDG portal – Goals

We at planistar would also like to make our contribution to the future of our planet and have therefore dedicated ourselves to various topics from this General Assembly.

Even if we as a small company only contribute a small part, we hope that our role model will encourage other companies to join in and achieve something big together.


Supply Chain Act

Even as a small company, it is important for us to comply with the LkSG, as this issue affects everyone in the value chain.

  • Representative for "Human Rights and Sustainability": Mr. Harald Gangl
  • Risk analysis and evaluation of the most important suppliers and service providers
  • Integration of the LkSG into ISO 9001-2015
  • Possibility to report violations

Contact for reports under the LkSG to the "Human Rights and Sustainability" Officer:

Responsible products

Product development

Right from the product development stage, we take care to use materials for our products that can be separated and recycled at the end of their service life. 

Furthermore, we are constantly working to reduce the amount of material used for our lights while maintaining the same properties and, above all, the same quality. This helps to reduce the use of resources.

This principle is important to us and is the basis for our behavior.


Suppliers and partner companies

When we select our suppliers and partner companies, we make sure that they are located as close as possible to the Himmelstadt site.

This means that delivery routes, travel times and information paths can be kept short.



A large part of sustainable production involves the selection of materials, as well as the correct and economical use, handling and processing.

  • All consumables are selected for their environmental compatibility in order to avoid the disposal of hazardous waste and to protect the health of our employees.
  • As we are located directly on the river Main, we always take care to select and store our consumables carefully.
  • Our laser system is equipped with special filters for acrylic processing.
  • Our punching machine is not operated with oiled sheets, but with water-based lubricants.
  • Waste separation bins are available throughout our company and our employees are trained to handle waste responsibly.
  • Good, forward-looking planning and the combination of different orders reduce punching or acrylic residues as far as possible.

Commercial waste 

Our commercial waste, which is generated during production, is pre-sorted on the company premises and forwarded to the appropriate disposal companies. This is defined and documented in our commercial waste concept.

The evaluation as part of ISO 9001 showed that around 95% (as at 2022) of commercial waste was recycled. We aim to further increase this level.



Our products are designed for a long service life. This means that they can usually be used until the end of the service life of the entire system. In the event of a premature defect, they do not have to be completely replaced, but can usually be repaired by planistar.



Our packaging materials are selected so that they are generally easy to separate and 100% recyclable.
Furthermore, we endeavor to recycle existing packaging material that we receive from our suppliers.
In this way, we avoid new packaging waste. We would be delighted if you would also reuse our packaging material. For the sake of the environment.


Packaging and its disposal



With the new ElektroG3, which came into force on January 1, 2022, B2B manufacturers are also obliged to submit a take-back concept for B2B devices.

Manufacturers of professional appliances must then present a concept for the take-back and recycling of the corresponding old appliances to the joint institution, the EAR Foundation, as part of the registration process.

Devices from planistar Lichttechnik GmbH can be returned to planistar Lichttechnik GmbH at the customer's expense. These will be disposed of professionally by planistar in accordance with our commercial waste concept.


Disposal of old devices according to Elektro-G B2B

Clean energy

The entire planistar Lichttechnik GmbH generates only approx. 22 t CO² per year (Scope 1+2 / as of 2023). 

With a company size of approx. 1200 m² of office and production space, this value is rather low.
We could also offset this value very easily with emissions trading and buy ourselves CO2-neutral. We distance ourselves from this dubious method.

Around 50% of our electricity requirements are covered by a PV system. This allows us to generate electricity locally where it is needed. Line and transformer losses are eliminated.

For the remaining energy requirements, we purchase 100% green electricity and green gas from our local energy provider (TÜV certified). The majority of our company fleet are hybrid models.

Our heating system is equipped with smart heating control in the individual rooms for energy-efficient heating. This allows us to intelligently regulate each room as required.

Thanks to both large and many small improvements, we are able to achieve a very low energy cost ratio of only around 0.5% of total sales.

Health and well-being

In our family-run company, our employees are very important to us.

Together, we are always looking for opportunities and improvements to

  • ensure the safety of our employees
  • maintain the health of our employees
  • create an environment in which our employees feel comfortable

To this goal, we hold regular training sessions, organize first aid courses for the entire company and also promote team spirit through company excursions, summer barbecues, Christmas parties and much more. Our company doctor carries out regular examinations and is on hand to advise us.

We provide our employees with coffee, water and juices for free.

Humane working conditions

It is remarkable that we, as a company based in Germany, have to deal with this issue.
But as the topic is repeatedly raised by customers, it unfortunately does not yet seem to be a matter of course.

For this reason, we have defined a code of conduct for ourselves. We will be delighted to send it to you on request.


This topic is a matter of course for us and requires no great explanation or justification. Everyone is equal with us, regardless of gender, national origin or religion.

Our wages are determined purely on the basis of knowledge and ability.

Economic growth

As a family-run company, we have not set our sights on rapid growth with the highest possible turnover. We want planistar Lichttechnik GmbH to grow steadily in small steps. We have succeeded in this over the last few years.

Over the last 20 years, sales have increased by an average of around 8% per year.

We have been able to build up a loyal customer base that is constantly expanding through recommendations. This gives the entire structure of the company enough time to grow.

This also serves to provide our employees with a secure workplace and to guarantee our customers the flexibility and speed they are accustomed to.

Nature and environment

There are hedges, trees and meadows on the open spaces around our company site, which are only partially mowed in summer. This gives nature the space it needs to create a small variety of species.

The majority of our employees come from the nearby area or from the town itself, thus minimizing travel distances.

Furthermore, planistar supports the Tourism & Leisure working group in maintaining the nature protected landscape at Sternberg in Himmelstadt:

Natural oasis Sternberg


The municipality of Himmelstadt is also committed to being a sustainable community.

  • Own water supply (Feldmühl spring), only UV treated (not chlorinated)
  • Solar panels on all public buildings
  • Own sewage treatment plant with rainwater retention basin and pilot plant for filtering microplastics
  • Energy-efficient LED street lighting

For more information visit

Social commitment

Social commitment is a matter close to our hearts. We have been supporting children and youth development and voluntary organizations in Himmelstadt for years. This way, we know that 100% of the donations in kind and money are received and we can see what is achieved with our support.

This includes: 

  • St. Johanniszweigverein e.V. Himmelstadt (Kindergarten) 
  • TSV Himmelstadt 1891 e.V. Himmelstadt (Sports club)
  • freiwillige Feuerwehr Himmelstadt e.V. (Children and youth division)
  • Gemeindebücherei St. Jakobus (Children's and youth books)
  • Working group Tourism & Leisure
  • Working group Christmas market

A school in Tanzania (Litumbandyosi), which we have been supporting for many years, is of particular concern to us. In the early years, we knew a local nun personally, as she came from Himmelstadt. Even now, our donations still go directly to the order, which passes them on 1:1.

Schwestern des Erlösers – Projekt Litumbandyosi

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