LED machine luminaire

Our high-quality machine spotlights and machine luminaires are ideal for the production lines of our customers. The robust housing can be used anywhere in an industrial environment. With integrated signal colours, the machine luminaire can also serve as a signal luminaire.

Special – in quality and durability

Through our experience in luminaire construction and through the high-quality materials used for our machine luminaires, we offer our customers top-class luminaires.

  • High-quality, durable LEDs
  • 2 mm aluminium housing with IP54 or IP65
  • Integrated current controller
  • 24 V DC connection
  • Integrated signal functions

If you have any questions regarding production, quantity or individual wishes, our team will be happy to advise you.

Please contact us without obligation and let us know your requirements: sales@no-spam.planistar.de or Tel. +49 (0) 9364 8060-0

Typical applications of the machine luminaire

Due to the wide range of possible applications, our machine lighting systems are used in many areas of industry.

  • General lighting in plants and machines
  • Illumination of assembly stations
  • Targeted illumination of line sections
  • Targeted illumination of materials
  • Illumination of storage facilities
  • Signal luminaires

Depending on what is to be illuminated, an LED spot or a linear luminaire is selected.

Many adaptation possibilities due to in-house production

With our in-house production, we are ideally prepared to respond to the wishes of our customers. In this way, you receive an uncompromising luminaire as an individual production or as a series model.

Mechanical modifications

Our basic luminaires can be changed in length and width according to customer requirements. If no suitable basic model is available, a completely new luminaire is tailored to your requirements and developed.
The housing colour and mounting options are available as additional adaptations.

Lighting modifications

Typical adaptations to the machine luminaires of our customers include:

  • Beam angle (light exit angle)
  • Specifications of a fixed brightness
  • Selection of the most suitable light colour
  • Specifications for illumination in the lighting area

With the great knowledge and experience about light, all these specifications are easy to realise.

Electrical modifications

All possibilities are open to us in making special customer requirements possible:

  • Manual brightness adjustment
  • 1–10 V interface
  • DALI or DMX
  • Settings via app
  • In each case as centralised or decentralised control

The control modules are usually installed in external housings, but can also be integrated into the machine luminaires. Here we are guided by your wishes and specifications.

Use as combined machine luminaire and signal luminaire

Signal colours are integrated into our machine luminaires and machine spots according to customer specifications. From individual colours to holistic RGBW solutions.

We set signals where they are seen, directly where the action is.

Combined luminaires of machine luminaire and signal luminaire increase the recognisability and lower the total costs.

Example 1: A machine luminaire, 1-flame with integrated red light unit. The luminaire has a switch input for the signal colour red. When connected, the signal colour is switched on and the working light is switched off at the same time. This increases the signal effect directly at the workplace.

Example 2: A machine spot has 4 white and 2 red power LEDs integrated. The signal effect is activated by a switch input. The second signal luminaire, which is usually located on the machine, can thus be dispensed with.

Any questions?

We respond to your needs and give you individualised advice. This enables us to find the ideal combination of machine luminaire, signal luminaire and accessories for your application in industrial image processing. Simply ask us without any obligation.

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