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Lighting in industrial image processing, a significant component

"In the beginning was light" - this saying is hardly more relevant than in industrial image processing. Because without lighting there is no image and with "wrong" lighting there is a "wrong" image.

Here we provide some thoughts on the role of lighting in industrial image processing.


Illumination in image processing

Information about LEDs: switch-on behavior, service life, technical properties, etc.

In this information brochure, we explain the basic properties and fundamentals of LED technology.

With the help of our own measurements on our luminaires, we show you, among other things, what influence heat has on the brightness and service life of an LED.


General planning aid

Information about LEDs: light color, color rendering index, standard light, applications, etc.

Not all light is the same.

The right choice of LED is an essential component, especially for visual inspection and workplace lighting.

But there is also a lot to consider when selecting the right LED for color measurements in industrial image processing.

Read more about the differences in color spectra, their properties and the various application possibilities in industry in our information brochure.


LEDs and their characteristics

Correctly dimensioning panel lights

An area light is the first choice for many applications in industrial image processing, as it casts a homogeneous, shadow-free and reflection-free light onto the test objects.

However, only if the area light is correctly dimensioned for the measuring surface and measuring task.

In our information brochure you will find a guide to possible dimensioning errors and how to avoid them.


Dimensioning of area lights


Cosine correction of measuring surfaces with edge drop in brightness

When illuminating a measuring surface, problems can occur with the natural light fading to the edge. This light fall-off is cosine-shaped.

We at planistar have developed a luminaire that compensates this natural physical effect. Two separate lighting systems in one luminaire can be ideally adjusted on site depending on the camera distance. This gives you a uniformly illuminated measuring surface.

For more information about this and exactly which applications are suitable, please refer to the information brochure.


Lighting with cossine correction

Selecting the ideal front for panel lighting

Choosing the correct front can have a significant impact on image quality.

For this reason, it is important to think about choosing the right front when selecting the right light. The right cover can significantly change the image properties so that features can be better recognized.

In our information brochure you can read which front is suitable for which application.


Choice of frontpanels

General planning assistance and notes

This information brochure deals with general topics such as IP protection class, risk classes, voltage drop, power consumption, etc.

These points are often underestimated during planning, but are important for the ideal operation of LED lighting.


General planning aid


Special constructions from planistar

ESD versions

In addition to our large standard range, we are also known for our creative and versatile custom-made products.

Thanks to a large vertical range of manufacture, we are able to produce customized luminaires for our customers in the very shortest time.

A small selection of special solutions that have been successfully implemented can be found in the information brochure.


Customized solutions

Customized solutions by planistar

For matt test objects in particular, it makes sense to work with diffuse surface lighting and side screens. This creates a kind of light dome that casts a very diffuse and uniform light onto the test objects and also shields out extraneous light.

In the information brochure you can see how the light dome from planistar can enhance your application and how flexibly we can respond to your requirements.


Examples of area lighting with side screens

Lights with side screens

A special lens system focuses multiple light sources onto one point. The light shines on the test object from all sides and creates a shadow-free illumination that cannot otherwise be achieved with a conventional spotlight.

The focus can be individually adjusted according to the working distance.



Focusor - Light to the point

Here planistar is taking a new approach.

Coaxial lighting from planistar consists of a "normal" backlight and a coaxial attachment. This gives our customers a wide range of backlights in different sizes and functions.

The upper side facing the camera is covered with a protective screen to protect the mirror from dirt and possible damage.


Coaxial lighting

Coaxial lighting by planistar

AI workstations, assembly light and camera lighting in one

Workstations and assembly stations with integrated artificial intelligence are increasingly finding their way into our working environment.

Individual or complete assembly steps are monitored in real time directly at the workplace using industrial image processing.

This poses new challenges for lighting. On the one hand, a standard-compliant luminaire for the worker must be combined with optimum lighting for the camera technology.


AI workstations

Signals for the industry

planistar manufactures a wide variety of LED lights as signals or indicators for a wide range of applications in industry, assembly and logistics.

These are often manufactured in combination with workplace or machine lighting. This saves space, planning time and costs and gives the working environment a cleaner appearance.


Signals for the industry

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