Product safety

Product safety comprises numerous legal directives relating to the provision of products on the market. The central goal of this regulation is to ensure a high level of safety and health protection for consumers and employees.

As we are the manufacturer ourselves, we are always in control of the safety for our products. This includes:

In-house development department

  • Electrical safety, EMC safety
  • Photobiological safety
  • ESD safety

High level of vertical integration with

  • 100 % final check
  • detailed documentation, operating instructions and technical data
  • secure shipping with individual packaging

Quality management ISO 9001:2015 

In-house development department

From the very beginning, our aim was to manufacture long-lasting, high-quality products for our customers. With our wide-ranging experience in lighting and a high level of expertise in physics, design and electrical engineering, we have been able to build up a very satisfied and loyal customer base.

Through a large number of prototypes, measurements and long-term tests, we are constantly striving to expand our knowledge and experience in order to use it in our products.

With this knowledge, we can respond to the needs and requirements of our customers in order to find and implement a solution in the shortest possible time.

Electrical safety

Our lights are tested and checked for electrical safety during the development phase as well as the later production phase. We have suitable specialists (master electricians and electronics engineers) to carry out these tests professionally. We make no compromises when it comes to safety. This is our top priority.

For additional safety, we are supported externally by TÜV Rheinland, where we have new basic lights assessed.

EMC safety

EMC safety has a high priority in the world of industry. Interference signals can lead to false signals and therefore to production downtimes.

For this reason, selected luminaires from a planistar assembly are tested in an external laboratory.
This guarantees a high level of reliability in the operation of our lightings as well as the end customer's entire system.

For flash-capable luminaires in particular, it is important for us to integrate the controllers into our luminaires.
The necessary lightning currents are stored here by capacitor packs and are immediately available to the LED.
This reduces currents and current peaks in the supply line and increases interference immunity.

Photobiological safety according to DIN EN 62471

We have luminaires from the individual assemblies measured in an external laboratory and assigned to the corresponding risk groups. This enables our customers to estimate the risk to the end customer and react accordingly.

The 4 risk groups according to DIN EN 62471: 

Free group:
The free group includes luminaires and light sources that do not cause a photobiological hazard. They are not subject to mandatory labeling. 

Risk group 1:
Luminaires and light sources that cause a low risk are assigned to risk group 1. According to the standard, this includes lamps that pose "no danger due to normal behavioral limitations". References to UV or IR radiation are sufficient for labeling.

Risk group 2:
Lamps with a medium risk potential belong to risk group 2. Here, the standard assumes "that the lamp does not present a hazard due to averting reactions and natural protective reactions of the eye to bright light sources or due to thermal discomfort". Nevertheless, labeling with appropriate warnings is required in these cases.

Risk group 3:
Risk group 3 includes lamps that pose a high risk as they represent a hazard "even for transient or short-term exposure". They are not permitted in general lighting.

ESD safety

Electrostatic charging is usually caused by frictional electricity. If this potential difference discharges unintentionally, this is referred to as electrostatic discharge. When working on and with sensitive components, such as in the automotive, electronics or pharmaceutical industries, components and devices can be damaged by this discharge. 

ESD products can help to avoid such effects.


Information, LED lights in ESD design

High vertical integration

Production at planistar Lichttechnik GmbH, based in Himmelstadt, has a high level of vertical integration. This means that intermediate checks can be carried out at any time and we can keep an eye on the quality of our products.

For this reason, each department employs skilled workers with many years of experience, which enables us to guarantee high quality.

  • Housing production with CNC punching nipple system and CNC countersunk bending machine
  • Acrylic processing with CNC laser, CNC cutting and milling machine
  • Printing area with UV printer and 3D printer
  • Assembly stations
  • Inspection area for final check
  • Packaging and shipping

100 % final check

The individual work steps are documented and checked by the respective skilled worker.

Every product that leaves our factory is subjected to a 100% final inspection. 

The controls and documentation are integrated into our ISO 9001 and are regularly checked and monitored to ensure that they are up to date.

Comprehensive documentation

Extensive documentation has been carried out at planistar since 2006.

Whether standard or customized devices, we document all orders in pictures and text, measure them and archive the data.
This enables us to trace when and in which version an item of equipment was delivered, even years later.
The documentation is stored on an internal server that has no access to the external network. In this way, we guarantee maximum data security. This data is also backed up on external hard disks.

Each device is provided with a serial number. This ensures traceability to the customer and the corresponding order.

User manual and technical data

Our luminaires always come with an operating manual containing comprehensive data on the luminaire.
Special luminaires are also measured and the data is specified in the data sheet.

This enables our customers to check the product features, install our lights professionally and thus operate them optimally.

On request, we can also provide you with the documents in a digital format.


Example operating instructions

Shipping + packaging

Suitable packaging and the right choice of transport partner are also part of our product safety.

We are only satisfied when the planistar product arrives safely at the customer's premises, has been installed and taken into operation.

For environmental reasons, we have chosen packaging components that are generally easy to separate and 100% recyclable.


 Packaging of planistar lighting and its disposal

Quality management ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management systems and specifies the requirements for such systems. An organization must meet these guidelines in order to comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements for a product or service. At the same time, the management system should be subject to a continuous improvement process. The criteria contained in the standard are applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size and product. If these requirements of the standard are met, the organization can have this confirmed with a certificate.

planistar's quality management system is audited and certified at regular intervals by SKZ-Cert GmbH Zertifizierungen from Würzburg.


The current certificate

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