Sled-3-VAMbright area lighting

  • Standard sizes from 120 x 120 to 240 x 240 mm light emission
  • Bright matrix system with brightness of around 21,000 lx at a distance of 30 cm
  • Aluminum housing with 30 mm overall height incl. removable mounting bracket
  • All common light colors can be fitted
  • With optocoupler switching input

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Sled-2-VAflat incident­lighting from small to large

  • Standard sizes from 160 x 160 to 1220 x 1880 mm light emission
  • High-quality edge lighting system for homogeneous illumination
  • Robust 2 mm aluminum housing with 20 mm overall height
  • With optocoupler switching input

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Sled-3-VADDome lighting for shadow­free illumination

  • Standard sizes from 300 x 300 to 800 x 1200 mm light emission
  • Uniform and diffuse light over the entire measuring surface
  • Isolation from extraneous light
  • Dimensions can be altered very flexibly
  • Including operator opening

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Sled-3-Flat-VAsuperlight top light­illumination, only 10 mm height

  • Standard sizes from 50 x 50 to 250 x 250 mm light emission
  • High-quality edge lighting system for homogeneous illumination
  • Lightweight 1 mm aluminum housing with 10 mm overall height
  • Incl. mounting lugs

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Sled-1-VASurface­lighting Basic in simple design

  • Standard sizes from 150 x 150 to 800 x 800 mm light emission
  • High-quality edge lighting system for homogeneous illumination
  • 1 mm aluminum housing with 20 mm overall height
  • For basic applications

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for industrial applications

and shadow-free

Light dome
as the ideal solution


Top lighting according to customer specifications

Genau hier liegt unsere Stärke. Durch dem planistar die Leuchten im eigenen Hause fertigt, können wir kundenspezifische Hintergrundbeleuchtungen in kurzen Lieferzeiten herstellen.

So müssen Sie sich nicht nach unserem Standardprogramm richten. Wir richtigen uns genau nach Ihren Anforderungen und den Gegebenheiten vor Ort.

So sparen Sie Kosten in der
  • Konzeption der Anlage,
  • Konstruktion und in der
  • Auswertung in der industriellen Bildverarbeitung.

Unsere Fertigungsabläufe sind so geplant, dass eine kundenspezifische Leuchte nahezu den gleichen Durchlauf hat wie eine Standardbeleuchtung. Der einzige Unterschied ist, dass die Sonderleuchte genau Dokumentiert wird. So sind wir auch noch nach Jahren in der Lage, Ersatz zu liefern.

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Sustainability at

When revising the product series, we always take sustainability into account, as many small details add up to a big picture.

This starts with saving resources and energy, the right choice of materials we use, right through to packaging and disposal.

  • Materials are carefully selected (no more PVC for new VDM, VDC and flat-VD assemblies)
  • Optimization of electronics and thermal management to extend service life
  • Manufacture of lights and electronics in Germany
  • Reduction in raw materials with the same properties (-20% material for Flat devices)
  • The materials can be recycled at the end of their service life
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable


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Why LED lighting from planistar?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development and production of lighting for a wide range of applications, we have been able to continuously optimize our LED luminaires and adapt them to the requirements of our customers.

Lighting technology

Most of our lighting works with edge lighting and a light guide. As planistar had the patent for the edge lighting of light sources and light distribution using a dot grid, we also have the knowledge to calculate and produce any size.  

Our surface light guides have the advantage of maintaining uniform light distribution over the entire service life. The failure of an LED row in the edge area has virtually no effect on the uniformity in the measuring range. With a matrix system, on the other hand, a dark spot is immediately visible.

For some applications, however, a conventional matrix system is more suitable. Thanks to our sophisticated design of these lights, we can also supply you with devices with good homogeneity and very high light intensity. These reflected lights for image processing are usually very bright, making it possible to reduce motion blur with short exposure times.


In our lights, the LED controllers are already built into the light. This prevents operating errors and accidental damage due to overcurrent.

In order to achieve optimum interaction between the LED and the control unit, the electronics are also developed in-house and manufactured exclusively for us by a regional company. 

From small to large

Thanks to our well-equipped machinery, we are able to produce both very small and very large LED lighting.

We have already been able to realize illuminated surfaces from just 2 x 2 mm up to 2600 x 1600 mm.

With this variety, we can offer solutions ranging from very small applications to entire pallet spaces or automotive parts. The apertures are adapted to the number and size of industrial cameras for industrial image processing.

The lighting solution is often supplemented with camera mounting brackets, fastening elements or apertures.
In this way, we supply our customers with a complete solution package.

Thanks to the diversity of our production options and the high level of vertical integration, we can always adapt to the conditions of our customers' image processing tasks and offer an optimum solution for all aspects of lighting.

Dome lighting as the ideal solution - so much for the theory

A conventional hemispherical light dome is an ideal solution.

So much for the theory. Now we come to the practice:

  1. Dome lighting only develops its full lighting effect when the test item is immersed in the illuminated dome. This is precisely where the problem lies. In most cases, this is very difficult or even impossible to achieve. If a dome is mounted at a distance above the test part, the lighting effect is similar to that of a conventional and cheaper surface light.
  2. In addition, a conventional dome cannot be produced in every dimension. The diameter automatically determines the height and therefore the camera distance. Here, the user must rely on standard dimensions and adapt completely to the dimensions.

The planistar lighting dome, on the other hand, can be realized in any size, square or rectangular, and for any working distance. The apertures can be pulled down to the test object. Recesses for parts feed and operator openings can be integrated.

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