• High-quality point spot in a robust housing for many industrial applications
  • For "pick to light" or "pick by light" applications
  • Signal display for real-time monitoring at placement stations
  • Operating voltage from 5 V to 24 V DC
  • With high-quality spherical look
  • Incl. glare protection
  • Can be fitted in many light colours

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LED machine spotlights

Clear light spot

glare-free + display

Can be customised

Customer specifications

Genau hier liegt unsere Stärke. Durch dem planistar die Leuchten im eigenen Hause fertigt, können wir kundenspezifische Hintergrundbeleuchtungen in kurzen Lieferzeiten herstellen.

So müssen Sie sich nicht nach unserem Standardprogramm richten. Wir richtigen uns genau nach Ihren Anforderungen und den Gegebenheiten vor Ort.

So sparen Sie Kosten in der
  • Konzeption der Anlage,
  • Konstruktion und in der
  • Auswertung in der industriellen Bildverarbeitung.

Unsere Fertigungsabläufe sind so geplant, dass eine kundenspezifische Leuchte nahezu den gleichen Durchlauf hat wie eine Standardbeleuchtung. Der einzige Unterschied ist, dass die Sonderleuchte genau Dokumentiert wird. So sind wir auch noch nach Jahren in der Lage, Ersatz zu liefern.

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Sustainability at

When revising our product ranges, we always take sustainability into account, as many small things add up to a big picture.

This starts with saving resources and energy, the right choice of materials we use, right through to packaging and disposal.


  • Raw materials are carefully selected
  • Reduzierung der Rohmaterialien um ca. 40 % gegenüber dem Vorgänger bei gleichen Eigenschaften
  • All materials can be recycled at the end of their service life
  • Optimisation of the electronics, LEDs and optics
  • Operation is now possible at 5V, 12V and 24V
  • Packaging is 100 % recyclable


You can find more information on sustainability here

Many customisation options

As we are the manufacturer ourselves and have the entire production in-house, we can customise our machine lighting entirely to your requirements. From individual lights to series production.

Mechanische Anpassungen

The dimensions of our basic spotlights can be modified according to customer requirements. If no suitable basic model is available, a customised "pick to light" or "put to light" luminaire can be designed according to your specifications.

Further options for mechanical adaptations to LED machine spotlights are

  • the IP protection class 
  • the colour of the housing
  • and fastening options.

Lichttechnische Anpassungen

The spot light can also be customised in terms of brightness and beam characteristics to suit your requirements.

Typical adaptations to the LED spotlights are

  • Beam angle (light emission angle)
  • Specification of a defined brightness (min. or max.)
  • Selecting the right light colour
  • Specifications of the area to be illuminated

We realise your spotlight with a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Elektrische Anpassungen

All options are open to us here to realise customer requirements. 
We use high-quality LED control units, most of which we have developed ourselves and adapted to industry standards:

  • Supply voltage
  • Manual brightness adjustment via 1-10 V interface
  • Optocoupler switching inputs
  • each as centralised or decentralised control

Wieso LED-Signalspots von planistar?

The high-quality LED spotlights are generally used for "pick-to-light" or "put-to-light" applications.

The main difference between the two systems lies in the role of the employee during the process. With put-to-light, the employee must place or load the goods or part, whereas with pick-to-light, the corresponding goods must be removed from the displayed light spot.  

This makes our LED spotlights suitable for signalling both workstations and storage areas.

  • Targeted lighting of shelf or pallet spaces
  • Targeted illumination of mounting trays
  • Loading or removal aid for assembly stations
  • Signal light for real-time monitoring or real-time monitoring at assembly stations

Thanks to the direct current control, the spotlight can also be used for tasks in industrial image processing. This means that no flickering caused by a PWM frequency can be recognised in the image.

The signal spots from planistar have an attached tube that serves as visual protection. This makes it almost impossible for the worker to look directly into the light beam.

The spotlights are a prerequisite for safe, precise and economical work.

With the LED signalling spotlights from planistar, you get a robust and durable light. The smooth design prevents dust and dirt deposits.  

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