Light cabinin light gray (color neutral)

  • Robust aluminum housing in "neutral grey" housing color
  • Glare-free reflector system for uniform illumination
  • External light shielding due to cabin design
  • Standard light fittings D30, D40, D50 and D65
  • No IR or UV component in the light spectrum
  • In 1 or 2 standard light colors, switchable and dimmable

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Light cabinin white with partial black background

  • Robust aluminum housing in "white" housing color
  • Black insert elements, flexibly attachable
  • Mainly for the medical industry for foreign particle detection

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Powder coating

Standard light

White light cabin

Foreign particle detection

Customer specifications

Genau hier liegt unsere Stärke. Durch dem planistar die Leuchten im eigenen Hause fertigt, können wir kundenspezifische Hintergrundbeleuchtungen in kurzen Lieferzeiten herstellen.

So müssen Sie sich nicht nach unserem Standardprogramm richten. Wir richtigen uns genau nach Ihren Anforderungen und den Gegebenheiten vor Ort.

So sparen Sie Kosten in der
  • Konzeption der Anlage,
  • Konstruktion und in der
  • Auswertung in der industriellen Bildverarbeitung.

Unsere Fertigungsabläufe sind so geplant, dass eine kundenspezifische Leuchte nahezu den gleichen Durchlauf hat wie eine Standardbeleuchtung. Der einzige Unterschied ist, dass die Sonderleuchte genau Dokumentiert wird. So sind wir auch noch nach Jahren in der Lage, Ersatz zu liefern.

Profitieren Sie von der Zusammenarbeit mit planistar.
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Sustainability at

We always take sustainability into account when revising our product ranges, because many small things add up to a big picture.

This starts with resource and energy conservation, the right choice of materials we use, through to packaging and disposal.


  • Materials are carefully selected
  • Optimization of electronics and thermal management to extend service life
  • Manufacture of lights and electronics in Germany
  • Reduction in raw materials with the same properties
  • The materials can be recycled at the end of their service life
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable


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Main applications of standard light booths, examination booths, light boxes

Assessing colors and surfaces

Natural daylight is not suitable for reliable evaluation of surfaces and materials. Daylight changes its spectral composition over the course of the day, the year, and due to environmental conditions. As a result, the visual impression of the test specimen to be evaluated will also vary under different lighting conditions. However, visual color approval is essential for product evaluation and selection.  

The color impression should be evaluated not only with a single light color, but also with different standard light colors. Colors that look the same under one type of light will change their color impression significantly under different lighting because the spectral composition of both the material and the lighting is different.

We recommend the standard D65 and D50 light types as these approximate the midday and evening sun. For products that will later be placed in a more "warmly" lit interior in a private area, this may be different. D40 and D50 may be more appropriate.

The brightness and color of the light must be adjusted to match the specimen. The features to be detected must not be illuminated too brightly (overexposure) or too darkly. 

When inspecting glossy surfaces, we are able to print stripe structures on the luminous surface. This makes it possible to detect the finest unevenness. The type of print (stripe, grid, size) can be customized.

Check for foreign objects in liquids

The best way to visually detect foreign objects in liquids is to achieve the greatest possible contrast between the foreign object and the background. 

For this reason, our test cabin has a black background for light particles and a white background for dark particles. 

The right background combined with the top light, which illuminates especially bright particles, increases visibility many times over.

The standard light character of the light, with no IR or UV in the spectrum, is pleasant to the eye and reduces signs of fatigue.

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