You don't have to adapt your application to our standard range - we adapt our LED solutions to your application.

It is often necessary to adapt LED lighting from our standard portfolio to the image processing tasks and conditions of our clients.

Usually, the complete system is designed and the image processing task is subsequently integrated. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, we can adapt our lights precisely to the installation conditions in your system.

We are also able to incorporate the design of the cameras, lenses, sensors and other components into the lighting solution. As we manufacture the individual main components in-house at planistar, we have designed our production facilities to produce customized solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

At planistar, there are no grid dimensions or size specifications. This means we can realize almost any desired size.

Here you will find a few examples of customized lighting.


Various custom-specific solutions


Examples of lighting with side shields

3 cutouts - protective screen

tunnel + area light

cutout for gripper

panel with screen

Everything from one source

From the very beginning, it was important to us to achieve a high level of vertical integration within planistar Lichttechnik GmbH. This enables us to react flexibly and quickly to our customers' needs.

The high quality standard can also only be achieved by keeping as many production steps as possible in our own hands. This means that intermediate checks can be carried out at any time. Uncertainties and questions are answered immediately and solutions found promptly:

Consulting - Conception - Tests - Design

Housing production - laser processing - UV printing - milling and cutting system - 3D printing - assembly

Final inspection - Documentation - Packaging - After-sales service

The individual components and possibilities of our production are like a large construction kit with proven building blocks. This enables us to realize new products again and again in a short time and with little development effort.

This is also reflected in our fair prices for customized luminaires.

Our LED control systems are in-house developments and are manufactured by companies in our vicinity. This means we are independent of the market and act sustainably.

We use our versatile manufacturing options to realize an optimal solution for you

In order to be able to offer our customers high-quality products for the fields of industrial image processing, visual inspection and mechanical engineering with short delivery times, we at planistar rely on a high level of vertical integration.

To ensure our high quality standards, we keep information channels short and carry out quality checks in the individual areas on a regular basis. We also subject our LED lighting to a 100% final inspection.

At planistar, every order is documented on an internal offline server. This enables us to reproduce even older devices.

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