Signals for the industry

Right on the scene, wherever information is seen.

planistar manufactures a wide variety of LED lights as a signal or display for all applications in industry, assembly or logistics. These are often produced in combination with the workplace or machine light. This saves space, planning, costs and makes the work environment appear tidier.

Signal lightings

reliably show the operating status in all plants and machines in industry. These can be equipped with individual colors. Either integrated in its own housing or in another luminaire. We integrate the signal lights into the system so that this can be optimally recognized by the operator.


Example video:

A punching system already has a standard signal lamp on the machine. This is difficult to recognize due to your position. For this reason, planistar has integrated a red signal light into the general machine light on the punching head. So, the signal effect is immediately recognizable.

Indicator lights

on the other hand, show specific information to the operator. This can be done as an integrated display or through a larger area with text and image content. In any case, it makes sense to integrate the display directly into the machine lighting.

"Signals right at the action"

So, there is a short perception time, because the display is right on the action. Possible dangers can be recognized quickly.

Example video:

The situation repeatedly arises on a folding machine that the general display above the machine is not registered in the event of a fault, since the operator concentrates on what is going on directly at the workplace. For this reason, planistar has integrated the signal lamp directly into the bar lighting of the workplace lamp. Now the fault is recognized immediately and the operator can react.

In pick-by-light systems

these are used for "paperless picking processes". These make it easier for employees to work with targeted optical signals for removal. The signal language is international and can be implemented by any employee. Picking slip and possible sources of error are eliminated.

The individual colors can be individually equipped and controlled according to customer requirements. Various optics are also available for the opening angle.

Example video:

Fixed pallet spaces are available in a warehouse. In the past, a picker had to load on a picking slip. Here, loading errors were the order of the day. Now the pallet parking space is displayed with a green signal using a planistar spotlight. Loading errors are avoided.

The put-to-light systems

ensure a fast and error-free work process for the classification processes common in the field of e-commerce.

The light spots or area lights visually guide the operator to the containers in which he should put the item from each order. The size and design are adapted to the conditions on site. These can be implemented in one color or as an RGBW solution.

Thanks to the various control options, the lights can be controlled via software systems (TTL, PLC, etc.)

Originally, small ads were on the shelves. Here the recognizability was too low for the employees. For this reason, it was decided to use planistar panel lights. These were optimally adapted to the shelf dimensions. The large area lights are now clearly recognizable from afar.

Real time monitoring

an assembly station. With a

  • good workplace lighting,
  • a camera with industrial image processing and
  • a signal lamp

an assembly station can be created that shows possible errors of the operator in real time during assembly or assembly. So this can be corrected immediately.

Example video:

An employee equips trays with auto parts. A camera system monitors the correct assembly in real time. In the event of incorrect assembly, the employee is immediately shown the error so that he can correct it immediately.

Time-based visual inspection

The test time and the pause time are given to the employee by signals. The basic light stays on all the time, so that the eye always looks at a uniform brightness (less fatigue). The signals are realized by means of targeted LED spots directly on the visual inspection. In this way, controlled and even test procedures are specified. The individual results of the visual inspection are more comparable.

Example video:

An employee checks the circuit boards for complete and correct assembly by visual inspection. Due to the color rings on the resistors and other components, standard light is very important. This is the only way to recognize everything correctly. A light barrier or motion detector detects the start of a visual inspection. After the adjustable test time, the controller is signaled that his test time has ended. The reason for this is that the examinee is not “examined too dead”. After another adjustable pause time, it is signaled that a new test procedure can begin.

Variety of applications and solutions

In this area, there is usually a request for customer-specific solutions, as there are an infinite number of applications.

The procedure at planistar:

  • we discuss the application with our customers.
  • Then we show different possible solutions and discuss them.
  • We take standard products from our product ranges and adapt them to the application, so that only very little adjustment effort is often necessary.

At planistar, the signal generators are already installed in the machine lights, LED spots, workplace lighting, assembly lights or test lamps.


This offers the end customer many advantages:

  • The work area is planned and manufactured by planistar.
  • The individual light components have an ideal interplay.
  • The working area looks tidier thanks to the combination lamp.

With this combination, only one luminaire is required that contains various functions. The signal effect takes place directly at the scene.

The signal units can be controlled in several ways.


These are assembled according to customer requirements from a modular system:

  • Switching inputs via signals (wide-range inputs 5… 24 V DC)
  • Control via 1-10 V interfaces
  • Direct control of the performance


Advantages with signal lights from planistar:

  • reduced search time
  • Risk minimization (work accidents, wrong deliveries, etc.)
  • direct feedback to the employee
  • fewer picking errors in the form of incorrectly picked articles
  • fewer picking errors in the form of overlooked articles
  • higher customer satisfaction and fewer returns due to fewer errors
  • Extremely short training time, therefore high personnel flexibility
  • greatly reduced order throughput times

Any questions?

We respond to your needs and advise you individually. So we can find the ideal combination of machine light, signal light and accessories for your industrial application. Just ask us without obligation.

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