Visual control by toplight inspection (visual inspection)

It is often the case that test pieces have to be visually inspected and evaluated by employees in incident light. planistar has developed special test lights for the workplace for this area of manual inspection.

In the field of visual inspection, various factors come into play that can influence the result accordingly. The main influences are:

  • the light intensity
  • the light colour and light quality
  • possible shadow formation
  • uniform illumination
  • the possibility of adaptation to the person in question

We will be happy to advise you on the right selection or adaptation for your task. Thanks to many years of expertise in concept design and development, we know the processes and the associated tasks.

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An overview of our illuminations for top lightings

Our Color Control product group consists of various systems that are equipped with a color rendering of approx. Ra95. This means that a good color assessment is always possible if required. The lights are always dimmable to adjust the brightness of the test task and the environment.

When developing the luminaire, we followed the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 3668 (visual comparison of the color of coatings, D65)
  • DIN 3664 (viewing conditions for the graphics industry, D50)
  • DIN 6173 (color matching)

Other properties that were taken into account during development / production

The right light colour

The right light colour

It all depends on the correct light colour of the test luminaire. Usually a neutral white with about 5000–6000 K is chosen, as this is most similar to sunlight (neutral white). Our eyes perceive this light colour as accustomed and the human being reacts neutrally. If the light colour is too warm, this can lead to premature signs of fatigue in the inspector. A light colour that is too cold also appears to be unfamiliar or annoying.

At the customer’s request, the luminaires can be equipped with special broad-spectrum LEDs. The light colour can be continuously adjusted from a warm colour to a cold one.

The light quality of the light source (Ra value)

The light quality of the light source (Ra value)

Not only the light colour, but also the light quality of the light source is important. The Ra value indicates the composition of the light spectrum of the LED.  In general, only the Ri value is often used. For LED’s, the Rj value (extended Ri value) should really be specified. This contains the strong basic colours in addition. planistar always specifies both values.

It is important to have as high a number as possible for each R value:

„Only the light colours reflected by the light source on the test object can be perceived by the eye.“

Glare-free construction of the workplace luminaire

Glare-free construction of the workplace luminaire

The luminaire lies in the risk classification DIN EN 62471 (photobiological safety) in the exempt group. The LED luminaire from planistar can be used without restrictions at the workplace. In addition, the luminaire has a special front screen, which further minimises possible glare to the employee.

Adaptability to inspector and environment

Adaptability to inspector and environment

For a visual inspection, we always recommend the use of a dimmer at the workplace. The perception of brightness varies depending on the environment, time of day and employee. The concentration and flaw detection can be increased by individually adjusting the test light.

Dimming can take place directly at the luminaire or via a 1–10 V interface (central control).

ESD version on request

Especially when assembling or testing electronic components, it is important that no electrostatic charge can be generated by the environment of the workplace.

A distinction is made between two main applications:

1:  LED lighting for electronics production
In order to prevent damage or destruction of electrostatic discharge sensitive devices (ESD) during their processing, ESD protected areas (EPAs) must be fully equipped for ESD.

2:  LED lighting for sensitive areas
The special coating prevents dust attraction due to electrostatic charging.

We adapt the workplace luminaires for this application:

  • ESD powder coating
  • ESD front screen
  • PE connection on housing

We would be pleased to advise you on the topic of ESD and recommend the safe and effective use of our workplace luminaires.

Do you have any questions?

We would be pleased to advise you on your visual inspection task. To meet your needs, planistar has a wide selection of products in its standard range. The workplace luminaire can be adapted to your requirements by simple modifications.

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