LED spotlights

If only a small image field is to be viewed in an image processing task, our LED spotlight is the ideal choice. The powerful spotlight throws a lot of light onto the test object – so a small aperture can be used for a large depth of field. With up to 150,000 lx, this is also suitable for parts moving rapidly. Motion blur is minimised.

We are also happy to manufacture custom dimensions in our in-house production facilities
(simply enquire under sales@no-spam.planistar.de or Tel. +49 (0) 9364 8060-0).

Typical applications of a spotlight in industrial image processing

Bright illumination of small measuring areas through targeted spots.

Depending on the application and test piece, the appropriate optics for the LEDs are selected. By employing different beam angles, various lighting effects can be achieved with the spotlight.

Advantages of a spotlight from planistar

Our high-quality LED spots have been developed in-house and can be flexibly adapted to your needs:

  • Powerful 9 W LEDs
  • Continuous and flash mode
  • Manual brightness control 
  • High-quality 15°, 30° or 60° optics
  • Smooth design in a robust housing
  • High energy efficiency

These properties are constantly being developed further. We are glad to receive suggestions from customers.

Thermal management

With the planistar spotlight, the heat is evenly distributed via a 2 mm aluminium housing and its integrated cooling fins. The housings are hardly warm to the touch, so we achieve a long service life with a low light fall-off.

Pulse/pause monitoring

The integrated microprocessor provides active pulse/pause monitoring in flash mode. The input signals from the customer are measured. A new signal is only released after 5 times the pause duration has elapsed.

„Active pulse/pause monitoring“

Flexible size to customer specification

The housings for our spots are manufactured in our in-house sheet metal processing facility and not using milled parts or prefabricated profiles. We are completely flexible as regards dimensions. The standard spot can easily be adapted to your image processing application.

Uniform spectra of the light colour

For the light colour white, we use uniform spectra with approx. Ra 90, which makes good colour inspection in your image processing task possible in the first place. We also have every common monochrome light colour at our disposal (including IR and UV).

Any questions?

We respond to your needs and give you individualised advice. This enables us to select the right optics for your application in industrial image processing. The size and shape can also be customised. Please contact us without any obligation.

More information and points of contact:

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We will be happy to develop a tailor-made solution for you. Fast, inexpensive and individual!

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