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High-power 250 W panel light

The powerful LED panel light emits a lot of light onto the test object and is used for greater camera spacing. A large depth of field is achieved with a small aperture. With up to 50,000 lx at a distance of 100 cm, high-power LED panel lights are also suitable for parts moving rapidly. The motion blur is minimised. Ideal for matt objects in image processing systems.

We are also happy to offer custom dimensions from our in-house production
(simply enquire under or Tel. +49 (0) 9364 8060-0).

Typical applications of a panel light in industrial image processing

Depending on the application and test piece, the appropriate optics for the LEDs are selected. With the different beam angles, diverse lighting effects can be achieved for your measuring task in image processing. We will be happy to advise you on the right choice.


Panel light

The panel light is available with 15°, 30° or 60° optics. In this way, the beam angle is adapted to your application and measuring surface.

The LED panel light is available in any monochrome light colour.

The robust housing with integrated heat sink dissipates the heat via the powder-coated surface in an ideal way. This results in long service life coupled with high performance. The 10 mm acrylic front protects the LEDs.

Whether continuous operation or flash mode: Our high-power panel light is designed for both scenarios. We provide switch inputs and a 1–10 V interface for connection to your image processing unit. This is activated automatically; no mechanical changeover is necessary.

The spotlight has a built-in micro controller which monitors the currents, the duration of input signal, and the pulse/pause ratio in flash mode. Operating errors are excluded; an overloading of the LEDs is prevented.

Order codeExternal dimensionsBrightness (Continuous/Flash)PriceData sheetDrawing
(light colour white)mmlx at distance€ / piece.pdf.pdf.step
Panel light with switch inputs for continuous and flash mode as well as 1–10 V interface:
Hled36-3-STVA-60w-30°330 x 330 x 30/5613.000 / 50.000 lx at 100 cm1860,00PDFPDFSTEP
Possible light colours-60w (white), -61r (red), -62b (blue), -63g (green), -65ir (infrared 850 nm), -66uv (ultraviolet)
Possible optics15°, 30°, 60°

All prices plus VAT + freight and packaging.

More information and accessories can be found in the complete catalogue.

Thermal management

With the planistar ring light, the heat is evenly distributed via a 2 mm aluminium housing and its integrated cooling fins. The housings are hardly warm to the touch, so we achieve a long service life with a low light fall-off.

Fast response time

Thanks to the integrated micro controller, we have a very fast response time of approx. 12 µs (from the signal to the actual start of lighting).
With the pulse/pause monitoring (1:5), a clock frequency of up to 5000 Hz is possible.

„Response time: 12 µs“

Flexible size to customer specification

Our panel lights are manufactured in our in-house sheet metal processing facility and not using milled parts or prefabricated profiles. We enjoy freedom of design as regards length and dimensions. In this way, the standard luminaire can be adapted to your application.

„Flexible customisation through in-house production“

Any questions?

Having experience and an eye for detail, we will find the right optics for you and your application. We will be glad to advise you by phone, personally or by email.

More information and points of contact:

+49 (0) 9364 8060-0sales@no-spam.planistar.deComplete catalogue

We develop tailor-made solutions for you. Fast, inexpensive and individual.

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