line lights with directed light for applications in line scan cameras

planistar manufactures two different types of line lights: one for pure continuous operation and the other, very bright LED line light for continuous and flash mode. They are offered in various standard lengths. As a result, you have a wide choice for your applications in industrial image processing.

Whether for continuous operation or for flash mode, there is something for every application of your image processing task in our large selection of LED line lightings.

Ideal for you – custom dimensions from our in-house production
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Typical applications of a line lights in industrial image processing

Directed line illumination for applications with line scan cameras with high energy efficiency.

Line illumination:

Depending on the application and test piece, the appropriate length and design is selected. We will be happy to advise you with this.

Advantages of LED line lightings from planistar

Our power line lights all originate from our in-house development facility. Our lightings stand out from other manufacturers. What is more, we have improved the following features:

  • Correct selection of illuminants
  • Dimmability
  • Internal segment regulation
  • High-quality reflectors and optics
  • Clear design
  • High energy efficiency

planistar offers a coordinated system for your application with line scan cameras – high-quality, sustainable and individual.

Light distribution

Many manufacturers of line lights use an LED matrix of narrow-beam LEDs. planistar, on the other hand, uses a rod lens to focus only in the transverse direction. In the longitudinal direction, we still have a diffuse emission of about 120°. This is how you get a more even light distribution with our line illumination.

Fast response time

Thanks to the integrated micro controller, we have a very fast response time of approx. 12 µs (from the signal to the actual start of lighting).

With the pulse/pause monitoring (1:5), a clock frequency of up to 5000 Hz is possible.

„Response time: 12 µs“

Very narrow beam angle

Our LED line lightings have a very narrow beam angle of only about 2–3°. This means that no defined working distance is prescribed. Our customers can choose the distance flexibly. TIP: Here it is important to always select the smallest possible working distance between the line illumination and the test object in order to achieve high brightness.

Thermal management

With planistar line lightings, the heat is evenly distributed by means of a 2 mm aluminium housing. The housings are hardly warm to the touch, so we achieve a particularly long service life with a low light fall-off. With our high-performance Xled units, the heat is also dissipated via a heat sink.

„No active cooling required.“

Flexible length

The housings of the LED line lighting from planistar are manufactured in our in-house sheet metal processing facility and not using milled parts or prefabricated profiles. We enjoy freedom of design as regards length and dimensions. There are mounting options on the side edges as well as on the back. The robust housings can be manufactured up to a length of approx. 1.8 m in one piece; for greater lengths, edgeless modules are manufactured for adding on.

Current regulation

With all our lightings, including the line lights, the currents are not regulated centrally but by segment. In this way, the currents between the LED strands are distributed more evenly and also loaded uniformly over the entire service life. To produce flashes, the required power is stored in capacitors in the LED strip luminaire. As a result, the current is available quickly.

Another advantage is the improved susceptibility to EMC interference. The input currents are considerably reduced by the internal storage when flashing and distributed to the individual segments in the strip lighting. There are therefore no massive peak currents at any time in the lighting unit and in the supply line. This avoids interference pulses in the assembly of the industrial image processing system.

Any questions?

We will be happy to advise you on which design and length will achieve the ideal results for your application. Do you have any questions? Simply contact our team by email or telephone.

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