Miniature light panel for image processing (lightsabre)

Our lightsabre is ideal for image processing tasks when space is limited on the measuring surface. The technology – and thus also the heat source – is located in an external housing. Using a customer-specific miniature light guide, the light is directed specifically to the test object – exactly where it is needed.

Flexible designs thanks to in-house production
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Typical applications of a miniature panel luminaire in industrial image processing

Targeted guidance of light to the poorly accessible test object. Also ideal for heat-sensitive components, because the heat source is outside the measuring surface.

The basic unit with LEDs and optocoupler switch input is supplemented with a customer-specific lightsabre. In this way, the unit is adapted exactly to your application.

Advantages of the miniature luminaire (lightsabre) from planistar

Our high-quality miniature luminous surfaces have been developed in-house and are therefore ideal for adaptation to your needs:

  • Many spectra in the visible range can be fitted
  • Designed for continuous operation (24/7)
  • No heat development at the luminous surface
  • Smooth design in a robust housing
  • High flexibility

Together we will find the ideal solution for your application.

Thermal management

Heat development and dissipation take place exclusively via the basic unit. No heat is transferred to the light guide. The lightsabre is therefore ideal for heat-sensitive test pieces or test environments.

High flexibility

The lightsabre of the miniature luminaire is adapted to your task in industrial image processing. Even the basic housing can be modified as required.
The luminous surface can also be designed as a round rod or as a tube. This allows very versatile applications to be implemented.

„Flexible customisation through separate components“

Special shape as light rod

A special form of our miniature surface is the light rod. Here the light is coupled into an acrylic rod and coupled out with a targeted white print on the rod. This means that even small bores or recesses can be probed to check, for example, damage to a thread.

Special shape as light tube

In this setup, an acrylic tube is illuminated from the inside with one or more high-power LEDs.

A 360° luminous surface is achieved.

Depending on requirements, the front surface can also be illuminated. Otherwise it is designed to be light-tight.

The luminaire can be inserted into the test object. An all-round inspection can take place via 3 or 4 cameras.

Any questions?

With experience and an eye for detail, we will find the suitable form of the light guide unit for you and your requirements. This means that even very complex parts can be monitored in a confined test environment. We will be happy to advise you by telephone, in person or by email.

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