LED focusor, the special surface spotlight

The focusor is a special in-house development from planistar. A special lens system focuses a large light source on a specific point. The light shines on the test object from all sides and creates uniform illumination without any shadow effect. This is not achieved with a conventional spotlight. A shadow formation due to unevenness, structures or tools is avoided. The evaluation and commissioning of industrial image processing becomes easier and therefore cheaper.

The size of the light spot and the light angle from the LED spotlight can be individually adjusted.

We are also happy to manufacture custom dimensions in our in-house production facilities
( simply enquire under sales@no-spam.planistar.de or Tel. +49 (0) 9364 8060-0).

Typical application of the "focusor" in industrial image processing

Advantages of the planistar focusor

  • Directed and shadow-free light from all sides
  • Light size and shape can be changed according to customer requirements
  • no scattered light in the area
  • with optocoupler switching input
  • many customization options

Our focusor floodlight is an in-house development by planistar, which is not manufactured in this way by any other manufacturer.


 The focusor continues to work with the planistar edge lighting. So the basic lamp is always the same. Only the grid of points on the light guide is calculated customer-specifically. Depending on how big the point of light is designed in which shape and position, the light is directed in a different direction. So the structure is very flexible with the same mechanical structure.

Light distribution

 A special lens system focuses a large light source evenly on a specific point. The light shines on the test object from all sides and also reveals hidden areas that would otherwise not be reached with a conventional spotlight. The light distribution is kept very even.

Shadow formation

By directing the light from all sides onto the test area, there is no shadow formation. The evaluation in the image processing is simplified and valuable time and thus costs are saved.


People who may be working in the test area are not disturbed by the lamp, as it does not emit any stray light into the environment. The light is focused exclusively on the point of light.

This effect is used specifically for the visual inspection of small test parts.


The light point of the focusor can be customized in size and shape to the respective application. The grid that sits behind the glass optics is simply adjusted.


Any Questions?

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