Dark-field lighting and light hoods

planistar dark-field lighting systems offer a dark field over a much larger measuring area than other manufacturers. The oblique incidence of light allows edges, scratches, embossings, depressions and raised parts to be displayed more clearly. The optical features in the surface appear much brighter than level surfaces and are better visible, thanks to our dark-field lighting.

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Typical applications of a dark-field luminaire / light hood in industrial image processing

For incident light applications on glossy or textured surfaces.

Our LED dark-field luminaires are also used for visual inspection tasks. There are other selection criteria to consider in this area, for which we would be happy to advise you.

Patented technology from planistar

A highly specular reflector in conjunction with a special diffusing lens directs the light of the LED indirectly onto the measuring field.

Thanks to this design, no reflections of the individual LEDs are imaged on a glossy test object. For detection in industrial image processing, visual defects in the surface are therefore easy to detect.

This technology is also used by planistar in special glare-free workplace lighting. The inspector is able to see structures on shiny surfaces (scratches, surface irregularities) without being dazzled by the luminaire.

Very uniform illumination of the light hood

Our light hood was originally developed by planistar especially for the inspection of solar wafers. It is characterised by a very uniform illumination on the measuring surface. Now this technology is used wherever shiny surfaces have to be inspected.

Fast response time with pulse/pause monitoring

The integrated microprocessor monitors the pulse/pause duration during the flash. The input signals from the customer are measured and a new signal is only released after 5 times the pause duration has elapsed. Due to the short response time from signal input to light activation, a cycle time of up to 5000 Hz is possible.

„Only 12 µs response time“
„Active pulse/pause monitoring“

Any questions?

We would be pleased to advise you about our special dark field system. With experience and an eye for detail, we will find the right dark-field lighting for you and your requirements. The lengths are often adapted to your requirements and the conditions on site.

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