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Coaxial illumination with beam splitter

Our coaxial luminaires are ideal for inspecting shiny surfaces, thanks to their high-quality beam splitter. The built-in splitters are custom-made to suit a wide range of industrial image processing applications.

We are also happy to offer customised dimensions from our in-house production
(simply enquire under or Tel. +49 (0) 9364 8060-0).

Typical applications of coaxial illumination in industrial image processing

A classic use case is the illumination of glossy surfaces, such as labels and type plates. Due to the beam splitter, the camera lens itself is not recognisable as a dark spot in the evaluation.

Whether a straight passage of the camera angle, a 90° deflection or an integrated coaxial light in one of our surface lighting units – everything is possible.


Coaxial luminaire

Here you will find a standard luminaire that covers a number of inspection tasks. In most cases, our coaxial lighting is adapted to the customer’s specific requirements, as the possible applications are very diverse. Due to our in-house production facilities, we can adapt this luminaire directly to your image processing task. There is no need to compromise.

The robust housing dissipates the heat via the powder-coated surface in an ideal way. This results in long service life coupled with high performance. The front screens made of genuine anti-reflective glass protect the high-quality beam splitter from dirt.

Whether continuous operation or flash mode: Our coaxial luminaire is designed for both scenarios.

We provide switch inputs and a 1–10 V interface for connection to your image processing unit. This is activated automatically; no mechanical changeover is necessary.

The coaxial luminaire has a built-in micro controller which monitors the currents, the duration of input signal, and the pulse/pause ratio in flash mode. Operating errors are excluded and overloading of the LEDs is prevented.

Order codeLight apertureBrightness (Continuous/Flash)PriceData sheetDrawing
Basic luminairemmlx at distance€ / piece.pdf.pdf.step
Coaxial luminaire with switch inputs for continuous and flash mode as well as 1–10 V interface:
10-10-Xled-3-KX-46w100 x 10011.000 / 40.000 lx at 5 cm1755,00PDFPDFSTEP
Possible light colours-46w (white), -47r (red)

All prices plus VAT + freight and packaging.

More information and accessories can be found in the complete catalogue.

Important: If your desired luminaire cannot be realised with our Xled technology, we can use our Sled technology at any time.

Advantages of coaxial illumination from planistar

Our high-quality LED coaxial luminaires have been developed in-house:

  • High-quality beam splitter made of real glass
  • Front screens made of real glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Direct transmission or 90° deflection
  • Large sizes possible
  • Smooth design in a robust housing
  • DC control with integrated microprocessor

We are constantly developing these properties of our luminaires further and thus set ourselves apart from other manufacturers. We are glad to receive suggestions from customers.

Thermal management

With planistar coaxial illumination, the heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface via a 2 mm aluminium housing. The housings are hardly warm to the touch, so we achieve a particularly long service life with a low light fall-off.

Flexible size to customer specification

Our coaxial lighting systems are manufactured in our in-house sheet metal processing facility and not using milled parts or prefabricated profiles. We are completely flexible in length and dimensions. As a result, the basic illumination can be adapted to your application of the image processing task.

„Flexible customisation thanks to in-house production“

Integration into another planistar luminaire

For larger test objects, we integrate one or more coaxial systems into our other lighting systems (surfaces, tunnels, etc.). The brightness of the luminaires is adjusted so that the complete system forms one unit.

Any questions?

We advise you individually and respond to your needs. This allows us to adapt our basic coaxial illumination model to your application in industrial image processing. Ask now for further details.

More information and points of contact:

+49 (0) 9364 8060-0sales@no-spam.planistar.deComplete catalogue

We will be happy to develop a tailor-made solution for you. Fast, inexpensive and individual!

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