Light boxes and lighting directly from the manufacturer:

- LED lightboxes / light panels

- LED lightdisplays / lightframes

- LED workplace illumination

light boxes for specific applications

Special light boxes, we build only for the applications for our customers.

lightbox for promotion for eyesight

The light box was designed with "Blindeninstitut in Regensburg" to help teach basic visuel skills as well as mor complex visual-motor and visual background created by the light box's illuminated surface makes a variety of visual tasks easier to perform.


  • knob for dimming easy to handle
  • defined framework
  • protective cover
  • oblique adjustment
  • carrying handle

A3 lightbox to change the color temperature of the light from 2.700K to 6.500 K

You will find 2 knobs at the side of the light panel. Just on knob you ca change the intensity of the 2.700K led color. At the secend knob you can change the intensity of the 6.500 K.

So you can adjust the brightness and the color temperature of the light.

Lightbox „Professional“ in ESD-protection


  • ESD compatible powder coating of the housing
  • ESD protecive sheet
  • PE-connection at the housing

For illumination for the modern electronic manufacturing (protected destruction due electrostatic charge).

For illumination for sensitive areas (presents electrostatic charging and subsequently dust).

for questions, please contact

Jasmin Wahler-Karl

You have a specially application you need a customade light box!

Please consult us with your requirement.