In our catalogue you will find many of standard lights. We like to advise you to select the best light for you.

Sorry, this is the version 2013, the new cataloque is coming in beginning 2014

led-bar lights, line lights and spots

LED-bar light from with diffus and even light:

Can used as a diffuse back lighting for line images and for diffuse top lighting. You can also use as wash down light ore low-angle light.

LED-bar light with 30 degree beam angle:

Can uses for bright lighting with short light distance and for lighting with large camera distance. In the led barlight we can integrate an switch input with opto-coupler. So you can switch the barlight from PC or SPS.

LED-line light for line camera systems and dark field illumination:

Light with only 3 degree beam angle, hight quality cylindrical lens. One light for various working distances. So you can use for line cameras for direct lighting, but also for a wash down light.

LED-Spot MINI and Maxi:

The small radiators with high capacity can be used universally. The already installes power controls and hte gate inputs make the handling very easy and sucure. You can use as spot light, but also as wash down light.

The Spots will also will made in cusomer's specification. The same is valid for very big areas with break throughs.

planistar is building a lot of standard lightings, but also customized lights.

So we can build a special lighting for your application.

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This is

  • individual lightings
  • short delivery time
  • high quality LED-systems
  • good advice