In our catalogue you will find many of standard lights. We like to advise you to select the best light for you.

Sorry, this is the version 2013, the new cataloque is coming in beginning 2014

diffuse led-top lights with edge light system

led-flat lighing systems with border illumination for transmitted light- and contour applications. So you will have a diffuse top-light without reflection. We can produce them from very small to very big monster sizes.

The led illumindation also working with border illumination. So we can make customized sizes and light systems for more then one cameras with any holes you need. It's a better light solution as an led ring light, because the light ist diffuser as an ringlight.

planistar is building a lot of standard lightings, but also customized lights.

So we can build a special lighting for your application.

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This is

  • individual lightings
  • short delivery time
  • high quality LED-systems
  • good advice