In our catalogue you will find many of standard lights. We like to advise you to select the best light for you.

Sorry, this is the version 2013, the new cataloque is coming in beginning 2014

Lights for Camera Systems for Industrial Image Processing

LED-BAck LIGHTs with edge light system

for transmitted light- and contour applications

LED-Top lights with edge light system

flat dome without reflection with diffuse light from small to big

LED-bar lights, line lights and spots

for line sensor cameras and applikations with large camera distance

special light systems for top lighting

flat dome, light tunnel, dark field lighting, light hood and koaxial lights

workplace lighting, signal lamps and light panels

lights for general lighting and accessory parts

  • Backlights
  • Area-Top Lights
  • Top Lights
  • Working-, machine- and moundting lights
  • Individual lightings


In out company a hight number of illuminations can be realized due to a large machinery and well skilled specialist from all ranges.

Our premises (approx. 1000m² area) include administration an manufacturing and with a considerable number of departments we are able to fabricate your lightings. As the manufacturing ist also located in our premises, intermediate controls can be realized at any time in order to control the quality.

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planistar as partner für your applications with lights für camera systems for industrial image processing or lighting for machine systems.

Our team is working with light technical products already since 1983. At the beginning we have already worked with flat black light with halogen technique and we also had already the know-how and patent for edge-light-systems, even before the technique of border illumination was used for many displays and backlight lightings. Since then our development division has designed many photometric innovations with LED lightings. With the help of this knowledge we can be or help for your inspection tasks. If you have examination objects which need a special led illumination, please send us prior to agreement the defective objects with a corresponding cescription. We will test dirrerent LED-lightings ans will propose you a solution of LED-lighting. planistar pays a lot of attention to the fact that only hight quality LED's and parts will be used for your vision light system. Our specialist install each led lighting with teh utmost care and at the highest technical standard. Only after final control regarding quality and function of you LED-light for your industrial image processing will be releases for dispatch. planistar guarantees for an always steady quality due to its CNC mchines, its skilled staff and a thouroug documentation. With the help of planistar-Mess, a specially developed measuring programme, and further measuring machines we can determine the contancy, brightness and light colour of our illuminations and can inprove this further for your purpose. We had lot of standard lighting systems for your industrial image processing (Backlights, Area Top Lights, Dome, Light tunnel, Dark field systems, Light hood, LED-Spots, Coaxial lights, working place systems). But we also customized sizes and LED-lighting you need for your machine system.

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This is

  • individual lightings
  • short delivery time
  • high quality LED-systems
  • good advice