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Our team is working with the light technical products already since 1983. At the beginning we have already worked with flat back lights with halogen technique and we also had already the know-how and patent for this technique, even before the technique of border illumination was used for many display and background lightings. Since then our development division has designed many photmetric innovations with issue of patent. With the help of this knowledge we can be help for your application.

Fairs as Showroom:

We are steadilyexhibiting at fairs. Please ask about the next fair dates.

Consultation as our service:

We would like to serve as consultant you for your project. Please describe us your applikation and we can elaborate together with you a possible solution.

Field service, at your premises:

After agreement our specialists are always ready to visit you so that yuo can show them your examination mission. We can elaborate then together with you and with different light sources an adeqaute solution.

Light laboratory for your examination mission:

If you have examination objects which need a special illumination, please send us prior to agreement the defective objects with a corresponding decription. We will test different possibilities and will propose you a solution. Of course, you are always welcome at our premises so that we can look for an adequate solution together with you.

Quality, our first command:

planistar pays a lot of attention to the fact that only hight quality materials and parts will be used for our lightings. Our specialist install each lighting with the utmost care and the highest technical standard. Only after final control regarding quality and function the lightings will be released for dispatch. planistar guarantees for an always steady quality due to its CNC machines, its skilled staff and a through documentation.

Constancy due ti high technology and long lasting experience:

With the help of planistar-mess, a specially developed measuring programme, and further measuring machines we can determine the constancy, brightness and light color of our illuminations and can improve this further for your purposes. Upon request we can manufacture a measuring protocol of your lighting.

Documentation, as guarantee for the future of your customer:

We will record serial machines and your customer specific instruments very carefully. Therefore, we are always able to manufacture older devices technically equally or equivalent according to the indication of the designation and the machine number.

Quicke repairs, in order to avoid high failure expenses for your customers:

Due to our large vertical range of manufacture we can grant a quick repair or reconstruction. If all necessary spare parts are on stock, we can repair the lighting still the same day and send it to you the day after.

We are open for everything:

If you have special requirements for your customer specific lighting ar changing requests for our standard lightings, we are always ready to work them in as far as technically possible. Furthermore, please inform us as well in case you have any improvement suggestions.

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